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Logo Design
Why Logos Are Important
A logo is the nexus for a collection of ideas, which is your business.

You business has a name and it does stuff. But it also has a story, a mission, a way of dealing with people, an attitude, a culture; Your logo represents everything people believe about your business.

If you don't think logos are important, look how people react when the most classic ones are changed. The answer is: Not good.

The quality of your service is, of course, most important. But it's wise for a company to spend time on it's outward symbol.
What Makes a Good Logo?
A good logo is clear, uncomplicated and memorable. It's appropriate to the business and it should be original.

The Nike swoosh, the McDonalds arch - all simple, memorable and original.

Part of the process of creating a logo will involve you and I communicating and working together to decide which image meets these criteria.
The Logo Creation Process
It all starts with ideas.

We'll talk about your business, and get down to the core messages you want to communicate to your potential clients. After we've figured out the core ideas, I'll start making sketches and we'll whittle these down, choosing the characteristics we like and discarding those we don't - recombining and tweaking until we have the best ideas.

Then, we'll finalize these images digitally and tweak the finished files until they're just right.

Sometimes, a logo comes together easily and quickly, and sometimes there is quite a bit of back and forth; but this process helps to ensure that you end up with a logo you love and a logo that works.

Once your logo is fully designed, I'll give you high quality files for printing and smaller, low resolution files for the web - anything you need.

And if you need additional file formats in the future, just ask, and I'll provide those without any extra charge.

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