Vector Creation

A jpg, or similar file types, can become blurry and unusable if they're made too large, or if they were originally created at a low resolution. I can take your blurry, unusable graphic and create a sharp vector graphic, which is a type of graphic that never loses quality no matter how big you make it. Vector files are the perfect types of files to send to the printer for use on your marketing materials, especially large items like banners and signs, which is why you should always have a vector version of your logo.

I can create custom vector graphics from scratch or convert your old, blurry graphics into vector graphics.

Vector creation is billed at $45 per hour. Contact me today for a consultation or price quote.

Marketing Materials

Your potential customers need to know about your services and how you can best serve them, but they won't find out if you don't tell them.

Part of smart marketing is looking good so that your marketing reflects your professionalism and competence. Another part of smart marketing is to let professional designers handle the design, which is why I'm glad you're here.

Whether you need brochures, flyers, ads, social media spots, posters, banners, signs, business cards, packaging, mailers, post cards, rack cards or whatever else; I would like to help you succeed and grow by working with you to create top notch materials that reflect your brand and style.

All projects are billed on an individual basis. Contact me today for a consultation or price quote.


A logo is an important part of any business. A sharp, well-produced logo tells your potential customers that you're professional and competent - that you can be trusted. A shabby logo sends the message that there might be something shabby about your business.

Whether you need a logo designed from scratch or an update to your existing logo, I'm here to help.

I walk you through the entire process of logo creation from the initial sketches to the final art. Throughout the process, I'm happy to revise and tweak until the final product is exactly what you want.

I begin by talking to you about your business and any ideas you have about your logo. Armed with all the information and inspiration we get from you, I'll create drawings of various ideas and send them to you to solicit any feedback. Maybe you like this but not that; or you like this image with that font; or the 3rd one is really close to what you envisioned; or maybe nothing is working. I take your feedback and produce another round of drawings, if necessary, or we move to digital images. From a smaller selection of digital images I will again solicit your feedback, and continue to revise and tweak until we arrive at the final logo.

Once the logo is finished, you will receive all the file formats you would need for general, web and print use. You'll also receive both 1 color and full color versions of the logo, and any ancillary branding images. If, for whatever reason, you should need additional file formats in the future, I am always happy to provide them.​

Contact me today for a consultation or price quote.


Presentations are often an important aspect of your business, whether you're training, delivering a seminar or submitting a bid for a lucrative job. As a reflection of your professionalism and competence, it's important that your presentation is top notch.

Don't let a 40 slide presentation eat up a week of your time as you bash your head against the keyboard. Hire a professional to take care of it for you.

Tell me what you need and I'll put together a stunning presentation. I'm happy to work with any amount of information you provide. Some clients tell me the exact bullet points, others give me a broad overview and ask me to supply the verbiage.

After having a discussion with you about what needs to be included in the presentation and receiving all relevant written materials and images, I go to work building the slides. Once I'm finished, I submit the finished slides to you for approval and feedback. After making any necessary revisions, the final file is sent to you as a PDF, or other format if you prefer.

Contact me today for a consultation or price quote.

Graphic Design

If you need design that uses graphics and text, I'd love to help.

Good graphic design involves specialized knowledge and software to do correctly. Unfortunately, design tasks often fall to whoever drew the short straw. Save yourself a lot of time and effort by hiring a professional to edit that photo; or create that custom party invitation; or make that photo collage; or set up that list of rules that go in the office; or format your training manual; or any number of similar jobs.

Design work is billed at $45 per hour.

Contact me today for a consultation or price quote.